Walker Ladd, Ph.D.

Dr. Walker Ladd is an educator, researcher, and author.

Previously a professional modern dancer with both a BA and MFA in dance from UCLA, Walker followed her interest in research and psychology, returning to school to receive both an MA and Ph.D. in psychology.

Dr. Ladd’s personal experiences with traumatic childbirth, breast cancer, postpartum depression, and major depressive disorder drive her passion for her work. Her research challenges the social constructs of motherhood and traditional empirical research. She seeks to reveal and interpret the intersection of women’s lives with paradigms of power natural, medical, and psychological sciences. Her work is bold, soulful, and transformative. 

Her first book, “Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth” (Praeclarus, 2015), was based on her grounded theory study of the transformative nature of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Ladd recently completed a constructivist grounded theory study of the stigma of mental illness for new mothers diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

Dr. Ladd is currently working on several research projects, including a second edition of Transformed by PPD,  When PPD Grows Up an interpretive phenomenological exploration of how mothers remember the experience of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder later in life, and a heuristic inquiry of the experience of empty nest syndrome.

She lives in Los Angeles.


Listen to Dr. Ladd’s interview on stigma for Mom and Mind: