The story’s author, in the afterword, noted that he never intended it to end that way. Who writes an entire story and then says that the ending was never his intention? What did he think would happen when he made this character say this, and the others that, and the mother hang herself in the garden?

The implication, therefore, was that the fault, or cause for the crime, lies within the reader’s faulty interpretation. Somehow the words, as written in black and white, were not meant to have their assigned meaning, and the reader was merely lost in translation. It’s the reader’s fault that the writer wrote the ending that way.

I finished that book a while back, last summer when I had some down time. Hanging on to every word, dying for it to end. I read it. All of it. Every page. Every word and every meaning. Then, I gave it back to the person who loaned it to me. It’s in his custody now.

What a waste of time.




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